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Insurance for Foreigners in Slovenia - Tujina Welcome

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The insurance Tujina Welcome is a health insurance for foreigners who come to Slovenia and want to be entitled to the coverage of health and other related services in that period.

Foreigners can choose either a health insurance for covering the costs of urgent medical and related services or insurance with extended coverage, which includes medical, preventive and other services in accordance with Additional Terms and Conditions.

Foreigners can also choose an area of insurance validity. The insurance coverage can apply to area of Slovenia or to area of Slovenia and extended Europe, which allows persons, located in Slovenia, either tourists or businessmen (seminars, conferences etc.) to travel in other European countries.

Insurance for foreigners does not apply to a country, in which the foreigner has a permanent official residence.

Why is it smart to take out insurance?

  1. Insurance is required in the process of acquiring living and working visas,
  2. Provides greater security
  3. Gives an insured more rights to health services for the time stayed/worked in Slovenia (insurance for extended range of coverage)

Which costs are covered by insurance?

The extent of coverage depends on the selected insurance.

Insurance for a narrower range of coverage (with the insured of 25.000,00 EUR and 45.000,00 EUR) covers the services as defined in the general conditions and comprises:

  • the coverage of urgent medical and other related services,
  • the coverage of cost of transportation,
  • the coverage of other costs and
  • the medical assistance.

Insurance for extended range of coverage (with the insured of 100.000,00 EUR and with obligatory medical examination) covers services defined for a narrower range of coverage, and additional conditions, such as:

  • coverage of costs of medical and related services that needs to be provided according to a doctor's opinion, including an examination and urgent medical treatment during pregnancy and delivery,
  • coverage of costs needed for dental services, except of dental covers, bridges, crowns, implants and prosthetic elements,
  • coverage of costs of preventive outpatient examinations of children and adults,
  • preventive examination for the early detection of cancer,
  • coverage of costs of prescribed physiotherapy and rehabilitation in a health resort,
  • preventive vaccination and
  • prescribed medical devices and corrective lenses.

What are sum insured?

Sum Insured of Tujina Welcome

Where and who can be insured?

  • Insurance can be concluded only at the Vzajemna branch offices.
  • Insured age can be up to 70 years old.
  • Insurance is intended for foreigners and their family members, who come to Slovenia and want to be entitled to the coverage of health and other related services in that period.

Duration and beginning of insurance

You can conclude the insurance for a narrower range of coverage from three (3) days up to one (1) year. You can conclude the insurance for extended coverage from six (6) months up to one (1) year. Insurance and insurance coverage are valid immediately the following day after the settlement date, provided that the premium is paid. Upon customer request, settlement date can be put later on.

Important information and instructions for the consumption of Insurance Tujina Welcome

All covered services which excess 100 EUR must be authorized by the insurance company before asserting. The authorisation is conducted by our assistance partner Europ Assistance, which provides 24-hour assistance.

In accordance with the insurance conditions authorization is necessary for services which:

  • are necessary (emergency medical services do not require prior authorization),
  • are needed in the event of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases,
  • are carried out in physiotherapy or rehabilitation.