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About Vzajemna

Vzajemna is the first and the largest voluntary health insurance company in Slovenia. It was established on November 1, 1999 as a result of legal requirements for separating Voluntary Health Insurance and Compulsory Health Insurance.

Today approximetely 840.000 citizens are insured with Vzajemna and the company has 356 employees. With over 58 per cent market share Vzajemna holds the leading position in the field of complementary health insurance schemes.

The name Vzajemna (i. e. mutuality) drives from its basic operating principle, mutuality, which represents the oldest principle and form of organization in the insurance marketplace. Based on the principles of mutuality and long-term health security, Vzajemna facilitates timely and high-quality healthcare services for its subscriber members.

The main goal of the company is not to generate profit as Vzajemna is a mutual insurance company: its main goal is to fulfill the interests of the company's members.