Within the scope of voluntary health insurance schemes of Vzajemna, the complementary health insurance called Vzajemna Zdravje is being sold, representing a complement to the compulsory health insurance system.

As a supplement to the combination of compulsory and complementary health insurance Vzajemna also offers insurance for a larger extent of rights and a higher standard of services (supplementary health insurance) Nadstandard A and Nadstandard B. They both belong to the group called Vzajemna Zdravje

Vzajemna also offers the insurance for medical assistance abroad Vzajemna Tujina, and the substitute insurance VOZ that gives foreign citizens the access to the rights of the compulsory health insurance.

Vzajemna Headquarters

Vzajemna d.v.z.
Vošnjakova ulica 2
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 471 87 00
F: +386 1 471 88 50