Mutuality is our basic principle and advantage.

The efforts of Vzajemna go towards such long-term health insurance schemes, which would be accessible to all the citizens regardless of their health condition, age or sex. We do our best to provide complete and long-term health security of our beneficiaries. The principles of mutuality have played a major role when defining the premiums for complementary health insurance schemes. In that way we provide long-term health safety at accessible premiums for people of all ages.

The principle of mutuality is the most important definition and the foundation of relations in Vzajemna. Mutuality means that all the insurance beneficiaries, who are at the same time members of the company, contribute approximately the same share to cover the costs of health services in case of a disease or an injury. The members of Vzajemna equalize among themselves different risk levels, which go with different risk groups. Therefore long-term health and social security is assured also at a ripe old age when the costs of health services often exceed the financial capacities of insurance beneficiaries.

The main goal of the company is not to generate profit as Vzajemna is not a joint-stock company; the goal is to fulfil the interests of the company’s members. Any eventual profit is distributed among the members in the form of bonuses or higher security reserves, which guarantee stable operations and long-term health security of the members or the profit is spent on the development of the company itself. With such approach the health insurance company Vzajemna has joined the principles of mutual organisations in the EU countries as the inter-generation equalization of costs is a significant achievement of any advanced society.