Nadstandard A

The scheme called Nadstandard A (NSA) enables the beneficiaries to benefit from above standard accommodation in hospitals and health resorts (spas), as the insurance covers the costs of better accommodation and care during the treatment in hospitals and health resorts (costs of accommodation in a single or double room, equipped with a TV set and a phone; it allows the presence of a relative, additional care, services and food during the treatment). Furthermore, the insurance covers the costs of more demanding medical and technical accessories, dental prosthetics, above standard materials, and last but not least, pharmaceuticals on medical prescription, which have not been listed on the positive and the intermediate lists. Any person, who has not been subscribed to the NSA, is obliged to pay the full price of such pharmaceuticals.

Nadstandard B

The scheme under the name Nadstandard B (NSB) covers the costs of the services offered by a payable outpatients’ department or health establishment (which is not included in the public network), including the pharmaceuticals prescribed by the attending physician. Under this health insurance scheme, beneficiaries may claim health services in case of a disease or an injury in the primary health care (e.g. in the health centre) with a physician other than their selected personal general practitioner, dentist or gynaecologist. Beneficiaries may also claim specialist services in the so-called payable outpatients’ departments or health institutions, which are not included in the public network, without their personal physician’s note. Abroad they may claim general practitioner’s services and specialist health services. The NSB also covers all registered pharmaceuticals (regardless of their classification to the respective list), prescribed by a physician (white medical prescription form).