Complementary Health Insurance

02 Zavarovanja Dopolnilno

Complementary Health Insurance represents the insurance for co-payments, meaning that it insures the difference in price of a health service, covered by the compulsory health insurance, and the full price of the service. More than 820.000 citizens have subscribed for such insurance with Vzajemna, thus representing the major part of Vzajemna’s business.

With subscription to Complementary Health Insurance  the following co-payments are insured:

  • health services in the field of all health activities, including accommodation and meals in hospitals or health resorts;
  • all pharmaceuticals from the positive and intermediate lists (up to the recognized value for such products) on medical prescription;
  • non-urgent ambulance transportation;
  • medical accessories;
  • orthopaedic, orthotic, hearing, ophthalmic, orthodontic and other technical aids as well as dental prosthetics.

Co-payments may equal e.g. less than 5% for the most demanding surgical interventions, 5% to 25% for most hospital services, up to 90% for the medicinal products from the intermediate list. Citizens may pay co-payments by themselves or, in order to avoid them, they can subscribe for the complementary coverage scheme.